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Andy Sawyer (BFA Acting for the Theatre/Concordia University/2019,

BA Film Studies/Carleton University/2015) is a genderqueer storyteller based in tio'tia'ke, Montreal. 

She writes and tells stories, sings songs, and listens to her body. Her practice evolves around world-building, drawing from personal experience, science-fiction, gender theory, and psychology. As an adoptee, she is interested in redefining notions of family and kinship through articulating new language around belonging, emotional responsibility (radical honesty), boundaries, and what we owe to ourselves and to each other.

As a trans artist, she approaches creation through a spiritual, pleasure-filled, joy-seeking embodiment practice. She is committed to the inner journeys of unlearning kyriarchy and empire while seeking out new (and old) forms of living in relationship with the land and with each other.​

She has performed across Turtle Island, Canada, most recently at the George Ignatieff Theatre in Tkaronto in "Cause and Effect?"

Her writing has been featured in The Rose Festival (2019), MTL Theatre Hub (2018) and School Schmool (2019+2020)

She can be reached at

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