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Andrew Sawyer


  • BFA Acting for the Theatre, Concordia University 2019

    • Fitzmaurice Voice work with Noah Drew and Laura Quigley (four semesters) 

    • Corporeal Mime with Denise Boulanger and Anne Sabourin (two semesters)

    • Viewpoints with Leslie Baker (one semester)

    • Solo Shows with Laura Quigley (one semester)

    • Clown with Joe DePaul (one semester) 

    • Acting technique with Robert Reid (two semesters)

    • Singing with Shannon Holmes (one semester)

  • One-week Viewpoints intensive w/ Leslie Baker (Studio 303, Nov. 2019) 

  • Queer Performance Camp w/ Studio 303:

    • Jamila Johnson-Small “I have to give back all names” one-week intensive (Feb. 2020)

    • Ariah Lester “the open space of the heart” 5hr intensive (Feb. 2020)

    • Keith Hennessey “Dancing Magic Together” one-week intensive (Feb. 2020)

  • One-week Skinner Releasing Technique intensive w/ Eryn Trudell (Studio 303, April 2021)

  • Two one-week Butoh intensives w/ Mohammednezra Akrami (Studio 303, Jan. & May 2021)

  • One-week "Vivus/Movement" dance class w/ James Viveiros (Studio 303, Oct. 2022)

  • One-week "Mechanisms of the Musical and Beyond!" workshop w/ Clinton Stringer & Justin F. Kennedy (Studio 303, Nov. 2022)


  • Sam - “The Runaway Game” (dir. Madie Jolliffe, written by Leni Krivy, PEI Fringe, 2017)

  • Tevin - “Can You Hear the Drums?” (dir. Laura Quigley, written by Tevin, Concordia, 2018)

  • Father/Mother - “ineffable.” (dir. + written by Sue E., Revolution They Wrote, 2019)

  • Multiple characters - “Cause and Effect” (dir. Madie Jolliffe, written by Alan Moore, George Ignatieff Theatre, Toronto, Feb. 2020) 

  • Rapunzel/Narrator - “Growing Pains” (Pervers/Cité 2021 [Night Sweats], 2021)-

  • Shae - “The Rest is Electric” (Narrative podcast, Season 2, OneLess Productions, 2022)

  • Lily - “Corps” (written by Ella Kohlman, Teesri Duniya Theatre Company, May 2023)

  • Actor - Playbright Program (produced by Shannon Herrick, cross-production between National Theatre School of Canada, Concordia University, and McGill University, August 2023)


  • Director: “A Love Song for Insomniacs/The Runaway Game” (Written by Leni Krivy, Montreal Fringe, Jun. 2018) 

  • Curator: “Night Sweats”, multidisciplinary art show (Pervers/Cité, Sept.2021)

  • Creator: “Growing Pains”, a multidisciplinary solo show created with the support of the MAI Alliance Punctual Artist Support Program, performed at “Night Sweats” (Sept. 2021)

  • “Those Were The Days”, performance art project (Generation Goo, FSR,  Oct. 2021)

  • "Quality of Light", performance art project (Generation Goo 2, FSR,  Feb. 2022)

  • "Pillow Talk", performance art project (Generation Goo 3, FSR, Aug. 2022)

  • Artistic Producer: “The Rose Festival”, multidisciplinary arts haven for queer creators (, @rosefestmtl, 2023)

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