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"Can You Hear the Drums?" is a short solo play I wrote during my Acting degree at Concordia. The clip you're watching is from my performance, directed by Laura Quigley, in 2018. The following year I updated the script and created a score with my music partner, John Saigle. We mounted this version at Montreal's queer theatre festival, The Rose Festival, in 2019. I've included some text from the newer version along with a recording if you'd like to listen along. 

This show was written when I was very angry at men. It was pivotal in helping me to frame my experience as a genderqueer and it grows in my esteem the more that time passes. In both versions you can begin to see my growing love for choreography. 

"Can You Hear the Drums?" v.2 excerpt

Message 1 Dr. Turkip: Hello Tevin, this is Dr. Turkip calling for the fourth time. I’d like to communicate my concern over your absence from therapy. Our in-person sessions are important but I am more concerned, Tevin, about your decision to forgo Voiced Journals. You have communicated to me the effectiveness of these journals as they provide a non-judgmental space for you to express your worries. If I take a moment to observe your container I notice a deficit of seven Voiced Journals which is, uh, alarming. I implore you to re-establish communication with me, Tevin. Please snap me back and we will work through this together, as we have done, and will continue to do. You have my ear.

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