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Her personal priorities are creating supportive containers for authentic expression and spacious containers for reflection. She is currently very preoccupied with getting loud. You can find her on social media @tevinescence

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Amy (Andrew Sawyer, he/she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist settled in so-called Montreal. She has a BA in Film Studies (Carleton) and a BFA in Acting (Concordia) and has written, directed, and acted in plays, short films, and performance art contexts. Recently, she voiced the character “Shae” in the queer, narrative sci-fi podcast “The Rest is Electric”. 

    Amy’s artistic practice revolves around bringing language to sensory perception and the imaginal. She writes stories, sings songs, and listens to her body. 


"Cause and Effect?" writ. by Alan Moore, 2020

"Can You Hear the Drums?" writ. by Amy Sawyer, 2018

"Growing Pains", writ. & dir. by Amy Sawyer, 2021

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