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Is all of life suffering? All we get in this little lifetime is a handful of memories and a justificationless existence? This sentiment, even as I smile through my days. The buzz of eye contact, the touch of your hand on my skin. I am charged and charged and charged again. Emptied…not so much. To be void would be…kaleidoscopic. Topographic. The dents of my iris shaved off of some larger face. Clandestinely meeting its opposite, an inversion. Warp and weft and some kind of body as a house. 


As a noun, the physical structure of a human or animal seen as one single organism

Material entity, “all bodies are held together by internal forces” - but WHAT ARE THEY?

Cathy Caruth: the mark of a traumatic experience is that it escapes language, memory, expression. It is something outside of the self/body that impacts the self.

Where is the soma? If my smelly breath offends you as it leaves my mouth..


Bayo Akomolafe: "trauma is part of the managerial logistics of containment, of the clearing, which in itself depends on an apartheid relationship between ‘proper bodies’ and their ‘objects’ or ‘prosthetics’"

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